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Kevin Hanrahan, Opera News

…Pulzi’s voice is on the light side for Puccini, with high notes that are beautiful, relaxed and effortless from “Che gelida” to the final “Mimì!”…

… His portrayal of Rodolfo, although at times endearing and sensitive…

… The innocence with which he spoke “quel guardarmi così?” was heart-wrenching…

Malheiro, Luiz Fernando  - Artistic Director and Titular conductor of Amazonas Philarmonic Orchestra and Artistic Director of Amazonas Opera Festival (Brazil)


***translated from portuguese to english***


"One of the main concerns of the Amazonas Opera Festival during its 16 years of existence is the discovery of new talents of the national lyrical scene.

The early career in opera can be very difficult for young singers in Brazil, where the labor market is quite limited, unfortunately.

Enable these young people to give their first steps in important productions, alongside established artists is extremely important and makes them come to be known to, have chances to improve their knowledge and can develop technically and artistically.

With this we, who has campaigned for several years in the area, we have a chance to meet many special young artists. This is the case of the tenor Cleyton Pulzi which premiered at the XVI Amazonas Opera Festival in very difficult opera Vincenzo Bellini: "I Puritani".

The part of "Arturo", the lead tenor in this opera requires a special kind of voice, with a very large, sharp and bright super-acute tessitura, and great musicality and phrasing elegance.

A pretty figure on the scene also does not bother, since the character is a romantic hero who longs for the most beautiful and coveted girl in the opera.

Cleyton brings together all these qualities, plus a very large availability and reliability in order to fit the requirements of the tests, both from the point of view of musical direction as the scenic direction.

For me it was a great pleasure working with Cleyton and certainly this was the first of many future collaborations."

L'Opera Italian magazine

"The company consisted of national singers with voices, with enthusiasm, vocal quality and good interpretation. They were in evidence soprano Laryssa Alvarazi, who refined vocal and stage presence properly issuing played Elvira, brave low Savio Sperandio, as Sir Georgio, the mezzo-soprano Andrea Souza as Enrichetta di Francia, the tenor Cleyton Pulzi was Lord Arturo, Vinicius Atique, Sir Riccardo, Murilo Neves, Sir Gualtiero and Enrique Bravo, Sir Bruno. "

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